Bed Time Routine

Everyone has their own bed time routines. Some could be the same or completely different. Since becoming a mom my routine got longer.

Since I work on a farm and have to  be up early my son and I are in bed by 8:30pm. So my normal routine starts at 7:45pm. Here is a break down:

  • make sure my son and I both have our drinks for bed
  • brush teeth
  • get my sons movie ready for him
  • set out work clothes
  • get snacks and drink and ready for work
  • bathroom break
  • change my sons diaper and get him in his pjs
  • put my son to bed
  • the off to bed for myself

Even though just looking at my nightly routine it may look like it doesn’t take 45 minutes. You are correct! I always give myself extra time because either my son won’t let me out of his sight or he’s throwing his temper tantrums. If there are days where my family and I have plans after I get off work I will set out clothes for my son and a change of clothes for me. So how similar or different is your bed time routine to mine?


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