Farm hand

Back in May 2016 my husband called me up asking if I’d like a job? At the time he was working on a dairy farm. So when he asked me if I’d like to work there I was really unsure about it. All I knew was customer service. So I gave it a go.

When I first started I thought wow this is going to be an easy job. Well the first couple weeks my whole body hurt. It hurt for me to walk, bend over, even move my arms. I was also more tired since working there. Now my body is use to it and my speed has improved. Some of you maybe wondering “How does the smell not bother you?” Well overs the years of living in the country I’ve got use to the smell. Since being at the farm I’ve learned quite a bit.

Here is what I’ve learned:

  • when cows give more milk
  • the cows body temperatures
  • how to pull calfs
  • brown Swiss has more cream in their milk
  • some cows are more tame

I honestly nevertheless pictured myself working on a farm. I’m not the type to wake up at 3:30am Monday- Saturday. It can be very tiring. I deal with getting kicked on a daily basis as well as getting hit when the cows are doing their business. If it wasn’t for min husband I wouldn’t be there today. Come May 2017 I will of been there a year and I’m glad I’ve stuck with this job. So do you think you can handle working on a farm?IMG_0193


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