Angel Babies


Almost every woman will go through this. When it comes to this happening to yourself you begin to ask questions like, ” Why is this happening to me” or ” Did I do something for this to happen?” Having a miscarriage is hard on a woman and her significant other. Here is my story:

Getting pregnant is always exciting especially if its your first child. My first child was born in 2015. In September of 2016 my husband and I found out that we were going to be expecting another child. Of course it didn’t hit me that it was happening again. Days and weeks went on with no morning sickness, no weight loss or gain. The only thing I noticed was I was more tired than usual. When I was 8 weeks along I got an appointment with Woman’s Care Center so I could get a free ultrasound. While being there they went ahead with the ultrasound and couldn’t find no heartbeat or a baby. They thought well maybe you’re not as far along so we will reschedule an appointment and go from there. A week went by and while at work I noticed some blood ( SORRY about the TMI) and I told my husband that if it doesn’t stop we needed to go to the hospital. The small amount of blood continued.

My husband and I loaded up and headed to the hospital where there did so many tests on me that I can’t even count it all on my hands. They did ultrasounds, drawing blood, urine samples ect.  Of course the ultrasounds showed no signs of a heartbeat. The doctor came in and told my husband the same thing the Woman’s care Center told us. We went home and the next day it just got worse. Again they drew my blood and did an exam. That’s when they noticed my HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) levels were dropping which meant I was having a miscarriage. My husband and I were speechless. When we got home all I wanted to do was cry and ask why is this happening to us?

After posting the updates on Facebook for our friends and family I received  numerous messages. I never realized how many woman such as my friends and family had miscarriages. My friends really helped my husband and I get through this process. My doctor ended up giving me a pill to finish the process to avoid any surgeries. He told me I would be in pain and of course I didn’t believe him. The pain was unbearable that I’d rather go through with another C-section than have this done.

After this happened to me I wouldn’t wish this horrible heartache on any woman. The only thing I’m having problems with now is people are still asking me how much longer I have in my pregnancy. I can’t get mad at them for not knowing, but I become speechless and walk away. I walk away because it does still hurt that it happened and I can’t take that back. A lot of people told me that maybe there was something wrong with the baby that god had bigger and better plans for this little angel. There are times where yes I cry because it happened but I tell myself I have to be strong and that I’ll be ok. If this horrible thing has happened to you just remember you will get through it and you will be ok. God had better plans for the beautiful angel.

Thank you for reading

R.I.P  Angel baby     October 2016



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