Meeting my Soulmate

“Don’t meet someone you met online!” is probably what everyone our generation hears from the older generation. Which I understand why they say that. For one it isn’t save at all and you don’t know if the person is who they say they are. That was always the thought that stuck in my head. I’d like to tell you how I met my soulmate.

When leaving my first husband I ended up moving back home. Before I left Greenwood though one of my friends was telling me about this website that she has met all these guys on. I asked her what it was and she told me POF. I thought what the heck is that.  She told me that POF is Plenty of Fish. Well after I moved back home I decided to check out the website to see what it was all about. Yes I got all these weird messages from guys but I didn’t reply to a lot of them. I then got a message from a guy named Pieter. Out of all the guys that messaged me, Pieter’s message stood out to me.

I wrote him back and he came off as a really nice guy. He gave me compliments, texted me every morning to have a great day, ect..  So one day I decided to make the brave chose of meeting him. The only way I’d meet him is if he came to my work. Well that night he stood me up, he wouldn’t contact me when I sent him messages; so I left to go home. I woke up the next morning to him saying he was really sorry and asked if he could make it up to me. The nice person that I am gave him another chance and that was going to be the last chance too. This time I went to him and when I walked into his trailer all I could think of was WOW he is CUTER in person. The entire time I was there he was super quiet and that was bugging me because I like to talk. So I told him if he wants this to work he needs to talk more. I know we just met but talking is a must. A couple weeks went by of us hanging out and spending time together. I got to the point that I didn’t want to leave him at night. So one night ( his birthday) we were just laying talking to each other and he asked me ” If id be his girl forever?”  Of course I told him YES.

A couple weeks went by where we ran into some obstacles that could of tore us apart, but it just made us stronger. We bounced back and forth living with family until we could get on our feet. The same year we met is the same year I found out I was pregnant.  In 2015 he asked me to marry him and I said yes. I couldn’t picture my life without him in it since I even have a child by him.  In August of 2016 we tired the knot with almost all of our friends and family with us. It was an amazing day that I wish I could keep doing over and over.  Pieter has been my rock, my supporter, a pain in the butt, hardworking, family man. He has kept a smile on my face.  Yes there are days where we bicker but what marriage is perfect? The first year of us being married hasn’t been the easiest but it gets better in time. It’s been a fun filled obstacle course that has been crazy the last 3 years. Seems crazy I’ve been with this man for 3 years and many more to come. 4-29-2014  ❤ I love you Pieter PB&J_0118 12b7e8d3ae282ad7367e98f733cd0f07